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Discovery is the single most underrated phase of software development. Too often companies rush through the discovery process because they think they already know what they need. Then, halfway through development, they get blindsided by something that would have been easy to handle at the beginning but now threatens to derail the entire project.

Why Projects Fail

According to a report from the Project Management Institute (PMI), 14 percent of IT projects fail totally - of the projects that didn't fail outright, 31 percent didn't meet their goals, 43 percent exceeded budgets, and 49 percent were late. BUT WHY???

Lack Of Discovery!

Failure to interpret the question “what are we trying to achieve?”, to document a clear vision and identify the solution through not only the eyes of the stakeholder but also neglecting to consider the end user experience can lead to the capitulation of a project.

Discovery Methodology

The discovery process is most critical. This is an engaging process where a deep dive is performed to understand all the stakeholders and the solution. It is a collaborative and constructive effort. This is a unique process in which the client is involved throughout the entirety of the project working seamlessly with the team at MoxēHub.


Feasibility/ Engagement

  • Market research conducted to survey competitive landscape
  • Stakeholder interviews to understand vision, opportunities, and desired outcomes for the project



  • White Board Session:
    Extract insights from client conversations and transform into project requirements
  • Ideation:
    Formulating concepts while empowering and guiding the client through creative process
  • Design Thinking:
    A process for creative problem solving which focuses on the end user experience



  • Fusing and integrating the output from phases 1 & 2, identifying the overlap, gaps, and opportunities
  • Developing key insights
  • Define user experience:
    Story board
    Journey map
    Define end target user


Delivery Handoff

  • All collateral and artifacts are presented to development team

The Discovery Process

Project Charter

Pre-Project Stakeholder Interview





This is where we gather User Experience requirements, build the journey, establish personas, conduct any initial design research


This is where we establish the overall project process, scope, prioritization, competitive analysis and the product roadmap


This is where we define the product further, write user stories, gather requirements, deliverables. Is it a system, part of, binary or singular?

Project Strategy

Handoff of to engineering team


Implementation Style Guides + Wireframes
User Research & Testing
Optional: Logo/ Branding development

Agile Development