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MoxēHub is a full stack tech design, engineering software development firm.

We take a consultative partnership approach to operationalize solutions.

MoxēHub challenges conventional thinking by utilizing our proprietary discovery methodology which is an iterative and incremental approach. We provide an ideal combination of communication, control and visibility, while allowing flexibility in the production process.

We architect the solution for our clients from endtoend to help bring their disruptive innovations to market in an efficient and economic manner.

The moxē TEAM

Welcome to MoxēHub, where innovation meets subject matter expertise in the dynamic realm of software development for all verticals. Our seasoned team focuses on development of IT business solutions that specialize in strategic Application Delivery and Digital Program execution for any industry and around the world. At MoxēHub, we prioritize user-centric design, recognizing the importance of seamless UI/UX experiences for digital solutions that have lasting impact and effect. We understand that design is not just aesthetics; it's a crucial element in enhancing user satisfaction and functionality for our clients with designs that have been awarded prestigious awards. With a rich history of successful ventures spanning Healthcare, Pharma, Human Resources, Education, E-Commerce, Government, and Beauty industries, MoxēHub invites you to embark on a collaborative journey. Explore the world of MoxēHub, where innovation, strategic insight , user-centric design, and award-winning solutions set the stage for unparalleled excellence and expanding the possibilities of software development.

Chief Executive Officer

Courtney Lawless

Chief Innovation Officer/Co-Founder

Dr. Kathleen Lin, PhD

Design Strategy Director

Katie Levy

Senior Lead Engineer

Jose U. Carvajal