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MoxēHub is a full stack tech design, engineering software development firm.

We take a consultative partnership approach to operationalize solutions.

MoxēHub challenges conventional thinking by utilizing our proprietary discovery methodology which is an iterative and incremental approach. We provide an ideal combination of communication, control and visibility, while allowing flexibility in the production process.

We architect the solution for our clients from endtoend to help bring their disruptive innovations to market in an efficient and economic manner.

The moxē Jedi


Ivan Reilly

Ivan began his career working on complex IT business solutions in Ireland. Navigating International markets through sophisticated platforms, Ivan gained experience in strategic Application Delivery and Digital Program execution. Ivan’s granular understanding of Design Control protocols and Software Development in global regulated environments are key components to his success at MoxēHub. Ivan has a background in economics, and his past experience in software development is extensive, having expertise in the Healthcare, Pharma, Education, E-Commerce, and Beauty industries.

A successful venture capitalist, Ivan is also a general partner in Backswing Ventures, a $50m venture fund. He performs due diligence and audits tech deals, while also advising and building solutions for tech start-ups. Ivan has a thorough understanding of what tech solutions need in order to obtain funding, grow and scale. With his expertise, the companies he’s advised have been highly successful in the market. Featured in publications, Ivan is a thought leader in the space for his unorthodox and creative approach to tech solutions.

Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Asman

Chief Operating Officer

Courtney Lawless

Chief Information Officer

Grant Walker

Design Strategy Director

Katie Levy

Strategic Project Manager

Tanvi Dattani


Chay Chinsethagid


Tiffany Trusty


Mike Regina