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CanvasMe is the beauty industry’s latest recruitment, education, and networking platform. This platform provides salon and spa professionals with the ability to create beautiful digital “canvases,” (aka digital resumes), network, apply for job openings, showcase their work, and display vital KPIs

The Problem?

The client presented the team with a poorly executed POC built on PHP. Initially, the client wanted to patch the MVP they were using and build on top of it because they needed additional features which they had already promised to potential clients.

The MoxēHub team realized this would have disastrous conseq uences and recommended a complete redesign and rebuild.

The Solution

MoxēHub Performed end to end design and engineering to take the client's program from conception to launch.

The client leveraged MoxēHub to expand the UI/UX for the end user. The program required our team to develop novel protocols unique to the beauty industry from the design system through to the license validation execution.

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